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Panels Doors Bumpers  

Container of KG Parts. Click here

We have some stock of NOS genuine parts.
We have a large inventory of good to excellent used stock.
We also carry good reproduction parts from KGP&R (USA).

IMG_0561.JPG IMG_0562.JPG IMG_0563.JPG
We have a good assortment of restoration parts for your ghia.  If you don't see it here please ask.
IMG_0564.JPG IMG_0565.JPG IMG_0567.JPG
Karmann Ghia Rubbers
Door Seals    
831-712 ALL RP hinge pillar seal (right)  
831-712 ALL OE hinge pillar seal (right)  
831-711 ALL RP hinge pillar seal (left)  
831-711 ALL OE hinge pillar seal (left)  
831-732 ALL RP door seal, back and bottom (right)  
831-732 ALL OE door seal, back and bottom (right)  
831-731 ALL RP door seal, back and bottom (left)  
831-731 ALL OE door seal, back and bottom (left)  
837-253 5974 RP check strap, L or R  
837-277 60 74 RP alignment wedge  
837-475 56 59 RP window scraper  
837-479 ALL RP door felt  
837-237 56 67 RP door handle ext. rubber seal  
Window Rubbers    
845-121 56 66RP front window seal (chrome strip)  
845-121 ALL RPCA front window seal (Cal)  
845-321P60 71 RP quarter window seal (pop out)  
845-211P56 66 RP door glass seal  
845-341P56 59 RP window to quarter pillar seal  
845-521P56 66  RP rear window seal  
847-347P60 71 RP PR quarter pillar seal, upper pair  
847-367P60 71 RP PR quarter pillar seal, lower pair  
  Body Seals    
823-705 ALL RP front hood seal  
823-705 ALL OE front hood seal  
827-705 ALL RP engine lid seal  
805-381 ALL RP door hinge pillar cover plate seal  
813-705-56-66 RP engine compartment seal, (rear)  
813-705-56-66 OE engine compartment seal, (rear)  
813-741 ALL RP engine compartment seal, (front)  
701-605 ALL RP body to frame seal  
Bumper Bar Seals    
707-241 56 63 RP ST bumper overrider seal 4pc set. (wide style)  
707-197 56 71 RP bumper bracket cover seal  


IMG_1932.JPG IMG_1933.JPG
NOS 58-59 all red
IMG_1937.JPG IMG_1938.JPG  

German repro POA a pair.

IMG_1944.JPG IMG_1945.JPG IMG_1946.JPG
NOS. NOS.  Rear tail light rubbers
IMG_1941.JPG IMG_1940.JPG IMG_1950.JPG
NOS 56-58 low light Karmann Ghia. 
IMG_0569.JPG IMG_0576.JPG IMG_0577.JPG
Early blinker parts.  Inquire. Genuine and repro for all models.
IMG_0578.JPG IMG_0579.JPG IMG_0580.JPG
NOS genuine Hella 70-71 KG tail lights. Repro.



Repro . 59-69    
IMG_7758.JPG Karmann Ghia 40ft container load. 019.jpg Karmann Ghia 40ft container load. 023.jpg
NOS European headlight adjusting bracket.
NOS low light H/L assemblies complete. POA


Rear seats matched set.    
Karmann Ghia 40ft container load. 029.jpg    
Modified rear clip 1964. POA    
Karmann Ghia Stock 009.jpg  Vics 147.jpg  Vics 132.jpg
Front bonnet (hood)
  Karmann Ghia Stock 012.jpg
  engine lids
early and late model.
NOS front brake and washer reservoir panel.
Vics 157.jpg Vics 158.jpg Vics 159.jpg


Vics 141.jpg Karmann Ghia Stock 008.jpg IMG_7959.JPG
Used doors all year models available. 
Vics 111.jpg Vics 114.jpg Vics 120.jpg
We also have some NOS panels.  Ask for more info.
Vics 140.jpg IMG_0571.JPG IMG_0572.JPG
  Front hood drain tubes.
Check strap
IMG_0573.JPG IMG_0592.JPG IMG_0593.JPG
Seat adjustment knob, 56-60.
Striker plate 56-63.
IMG_0586.JPG IMG_0591.JPG IMG_0570.JPG
Door wedge Rear seat strap. Repro white.
Door glass anti-rattle grommets.
kit with screws  


Vics 115.jpg Vics 118.jpg Vics 119.jpg
Bumper pieces used.
We have lots of pieces that need to be restored. We also carry some new repro pieces.
  Karmann Ghia Stock 003.jpg  
  Media blasted and primered.