Like everyone, I have a story to tell...

My first connection to VWs was when I was quite young. I had a VW that I wanted to hot up a bit. Being short of cash and wanting to barter, I offered to exchange my labour for an engine.
     As it turned out, this started my passion for Volkswagens. I went on to set up my own Volkswagen shop and bought out several throughout Australia. I have now been selling, dealing, and modifying VWs for over thirty four  years.
     I now have several warehouses full of Volkswagen parts. My inventory ranges from N.O.S. (New Old Stock), used and new parts, and complete restored vehicles. I also have a fairly extensive collection of VW Jewellery and fittings.
     My quest for VW parts takes me on regular trips throughout Europe, the USA, and the Middle East
     If you are looking for a rare or unusual part, I'll most likely either have it or know how to get it.
     I hope you enjoy browsing the web-site. Please feel free to contact me if you have any requests or questions.

   Vic (the Aussie)